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I purchased a semi-professional Batman costume in October 2007, one year after one of my children was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The first year of treatments involved countless hospital visits and stays. During that time, we recognized the need and the importance for children to be distracted from their current treatment protocol(s). More importantly to be inspired and recognized for their courage and strength. Upon our child making a full recovery, we began to make ourselves available to hospitals, families and organizations. We have been fortunate enough to be recognized in all three local television network news broadcasts and have seen firsthand the impact that these appearances have made for children and their families. In spite of a spectacular costume, these children are truly the real super-heroes!





What started out as a good intention has now evolved into AzBatman for Children. In addition, we have created a Bat Mobile utilizing a Chrysler 300. Customizations include handmade Batman emblems/decals, carbon fiber additions, new custom paint, and underbody lighting, front grill lighting all which are synced to Batman-themed music. The idea was inspired by Chrysler/Mopar Corporation partnering with The Dark Knight Returns in 2012 to create a promotional Chrysler 300 Bat Mobile. It’s entitled, “The Chrysler 300 – Official Imported from Gotham City-The Dark Knight Rises.” 



DC Comics and various renditions depict having a “Bat-Signal” and the “Bat-Line.” So, we also provide each parent with our special phone number which alerts us of incoming Bat Line calls. Using my best Christian Bale Batman voice, the children have access to call anytime they need support or to get some much-needed encouragement. Depending on the age of the child, they truly do believe that they have access to the real Bat Man that they see in the movies.

Activate the Bat-Signal by letting us know if you are aware of any organizations, hospitals, and or families with children facing health challenges that we can serve. There is never any cost of any kind associated with our Batman and Bat Mobile appearances/demonstrations. We are available to travel all over the state of Arizona, Las Vegas, and some parts of southern California. If there are multiple children we are visiting, we also always bring toys/gifts for everyone. Due to the original mission and purpose, Az Batman is not available for hire. The only birthday party appearances are only if the birthday being celebrated is that of one of these child heroes.

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